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Place your order

Once you’ve picked the perfect products for you, place your order with us at and keep an eye out for your confirmation email.

Email Confirmation

It won’t take long to arrive in your inbox and your order number will be inside. You’ll need to use this for any enquiries about your order so keep it in a safe place where you won’t forget it.

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Pre-produced items may ship separately

If your order includes pre-made products such as a mouse, headphones or speakers, these items may be shipped separately and arrive at different times.

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Your laptop is custom-built

In around 6 working days (usually less), our engineers will have finished building your machine to your unique specifications.

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And air-mailed to Australia

After the builders are done triple checking and testing your machine, they give it a good polish and pop it on a plane to Australia.

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We’ll let you know...

It only takes a couple of days to get here and we’ll send you an email when it’s on its way so you’ll know when you can expect it in your hands.

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DHL deliver it to your door

Once your machine has made its declarations and cleared customs, a friendly DHL courier will schedule a more exact delivery time within the next 3-5 working days. They’ll send you a tracking link that you can use to keep tabs on your new Lenovo.


Enjoy your Lenovo laptop!

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